1. “For kids with eczema, the Shruggi from Itchy little monkeys is a really practical and easy-to-use product.  Unlike other scratch mittens that can be removed easily by the child themselves, the Shruggi cannot, but it is so easy for the parent to put on.  I can see the Shruggi being used to compliment standard clinical treatments for kids with eczema” – Dr Peter Greally, Paediatric Consultant
  2. “In my clinical experience I have found that the shruggi is an effective way of breaking the ‘itch scratch cycle’ that children with eczema can fall into.  Kids find the silk mitt and organic feel of the shruggi soothing particularly at bedtime – Selene Daly, Dermatology Nurse Specialist
  3. “The concept of the Shruggi and the storybook is a great idea – I can see this being of real benefit to kids with skin conditions such as eczema” – C Blake, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Dermatology
  4. “The story books are beautifully illustrated.  I like the way the stories include ideas for daily skincare routines which is very important in the treatment of eczema” – A Raju, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Paediatric Dermatology
  5. “My partner and I were struggling hugely trying to manage our baby son’s eczema and it was always so sad to see him wake up with blood and scrapes. Since finding Itchy Little Monkeys his skin has finally started to clear up, it’s really been amazing! I just can’t thank you enough! You have made life at our house so much better and it makes me smile so much to see my son wake up happy these days!” Emma Jane, Mum
  6. The Shruggi has been a Godsend to our family. My little boy has suffered from severe eczema since birth.  Since using the Shruggi we can all have a good night’s sleep without the fear of the damage he would do to his skin from scratching throughout the night.  My husband and I would lie awake most of the night to try and stop him.  I wanted to thank you for the comfort, peace of mind and the good night’s sleep it has brought us!  Geraldine, Mum
  7. “Wish I came across this product sooner, my daughter’s skin has finally had a chance to heal and we haven’t used steroid cream in months” – Elaine, Mum
  8. “Our little boy had his face scratched raw red and blood-stained sheets were becoming the norm each morning. Since we found the Shruggi, our lives have been transformed” – Peter, Dad
  9. “The books from Itchy little monkeys are beautifully illustrated. The detail captured my grandaughter’s complete attention. They made her smile which was not something we saw regularly at bedtime before the Itchy little monkeys came along – thank you!” – Christina, Grandmother
  10. “The beautiful design and colours of the Shruggi means that my daughter actually wants to wear it, no persuasion needed. A stark contrast from traditional scratch mittens we tried, we couldn’t keep them on her” –  Jean, Mum