Here at Itchy little monkeys we are striving to make life easier for kids & their parents living with eczema.

Our brand is about introducing your child to a new solution – a new experience. Our products form part of a full experience. We offer a practical solution in the form of our Shruggi™ which protects your childs skin from the damage of scratching, combined with a refreshing change for bed-time routines through our story books. Max & Mimi are the itchy little monkeys. By introducing your children to these characters it make them feel its ok to have eczema and that they are not the only ones going through it. Our stories are created with both child & parent in mind by offering fun stories with a touch of education thrown in!

As well as taking from our own personal experiences, we have talked to parents and medical professionals and have taken their feedback on board while creating our products.

Parents have told us they want a practical solution that works and that their kids don’t hate wearing – it just adds to an already stressful situation. They want something that will stay on their child – if kids want to get to that itch they will pull off traditional mittens in seconds! They want a garment that is lightweight and that is made from natural fabrics.

Medical professionals want to be able to offer a solution to their patients that they can trust in – using certified organic cotton and antibacterial silk was something that came highly recommended for children with eczema. As for the storybooks, parents told us how bedtime was one of the most stressful times of day for both child & parent when dealing with eczema, the day-time distractions no longer exist. So our storybooks provide that distraction, and we think you’ll find that it is a fun distraction at that!

Make bedtime fun again – Read your child a story about the Itchy little monkeys on one of their adventures, help them put on their super soft Shruggi™ and tuck them up for the night, safe in the knowledge that their skin is protected from the damage of scratching which means a better night’s sleep for them and you!

We know what it’s like and we want to help!