Our Top 10 Tips for Itchy Skin

  1. Itchy little monkeys!  Our top tip for caring for a child with itchy skin is to give them the gift of our skin-saving Shruggi™ to protect their skin from the damage caused by scratching.  The Shruggi™ is made from 100% certified organic cotton and silk. It is super soft and comfortable.  It is machine washable, lightweight and comes in bright colours with the Itchy little monkey characters on it, so your child will love wearing it. Combine this with one of the Itchy little monkeys bedtime stories to make bedtime easier and to give the child (and therefore the parent) a good night’s sleep!
  2. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!  And do it often.  Thick ointments are much more effective than lotions and creams, they offer the most protection for your child’s skin.  Moisturising after washing and bathing is a must!
  3. Take a bath!  Having a daily bath helps with your child’s itchy skin, but remember not to let them stay in for longer than 5 minutes.  If your child is reluctant to get out after 5 minutes, pull out the plug – they can continue to play but are not immersed in the water!
  4. Tough as nails!  Ensure that your child’s nails are kept short. Short fingernails cause less damage to the skin if your child does scratch. If scratching at night is a problem, remember to put on their cuddly skin-saving Shruggi™ at bedtime for a peaceful night’s sleep.
  5. Be Trigger Happy!  If you can learn what your child’s eczema triggers are you can try to avoid them where possible. Main triggers are heat, dust, grass and pollen, synthetic or woollen fabrics, biological detergents, cigarette smoke, cats and dogs, stress.
  6. Keep cool!  Keep your child’s bedroom and surroundings cool.  Heat and humidity can cause itchy skin to flare up.
  7. Be natural!  Dress your child in light, breathable, natural fabrics, such as cotton. Wools and synthetic fabrics such as polyester, can irritate the skin.  Light layers work great as they can put on or take off a layer to stay comfortable.
  8. Go undercover!  Skin that is covered up seems to be less likely to itch especially if your child’s trigger is environmental or airborne.
  9. Don’t wash your dirty laundry… in biological detergent!  Always wash your child’s clothes in non-biological washing detergent and wash new clothes before they wear them. Do not use fabric conditioner.
  10. The Art of Distraction!  Finding a distraction from your child’s itchiness is easier during the day with games and activities.  At night-time, read them one of the Itchy little monkeys stories to help them relax and go to sleep.