Our Shruggi™ prevents damage to skin caused by scratching due to eczema (also psoriasis, chickenpox, allergies or any other itchy skin condition that makes your child scratch).


Let’s face it, if your child has an itch, they will scratch. It’s a natural reaction.

We have all had an itch that we needed to scratch and know the insatiable urge to do so. As adults, we may know when we need to stop at that point of bearing blood, but an infant or child does not have that same understanding or control. Imagine that urge existing day and night for your little ones, it can be heart breaking.

Our Shruggi™ is an effective, child-friendly solution, that is:

  • Functional, skin protecting
  • Made from certified organic materials – 100% organic cotton & silk
  • Stayson!
  • Bright and colourful, with fun designs
  • Super soft and comfortable
  • Machine washable
  • Lightweight

The Shruggi™ can be worn over or under regular clothing.

It allows full movement, allows skin to heal and reduces the risk of scarring or infection.

The Shruggi™ can be worn at any time day or night. It is especially ideal for night-time and travelling in the car or in similar situations where you may not be able to intervene quickly enough.

Care Instructions

As a general rule when washing garments for those with itchy skin:

Wash before wear, use non-bio washing powder and no fabric conditioner

For ultimate results when looking after your Shruggi™:

Wash at low temperature

Dry naturally

Do not soak, dry immediately after wash

Do not iron on print and motif


Choosing the correct size

Our Shruggi™ comes in sizes 6 months to 3 years

To ensure you choose the correct size, measure your child’s wingspan from fingertip to fingertip across their back using the guide below:

Age          Child’s Wingspan
6-9 months 65-70 cm
9-12 months 70-78 cm
12-18 months 78-86 cm
18-24 months 86-94 cm
2-3 years 94-100 cm