The relationship between the child and the Itchy little monkeys’ characters is developed through our books which are aimed to be both fun and educational.  In these characters, your child has someone to relate to that is going through the same experiences they are. This gives them a sense of security and normality.


Max and Mimi are two little monkeys who live with their Mummy & Daddy. They are called “itchy little monkeys” because they have itchy skin. Max & Mimi like to have fun with their family & friends and they always have a new adventure waiting for them…


Boys will love cheeky little Max, who is sporty, playful and gets up to lots of mischief. Girls will love girly Mimi who loves to have fun too but is a little more sensible than Max!

As parents, we have tried and tested a lot of solutions when dealing with a child with eczema. We share some of these experiences with you through our stories, passing on tips and advice given to us on our journey so you can look after your child’s skin in the best way possible.

We know how bedtime can be one of the most difficult times when dealing with a child with eczema, so our aim is to try and make bedtime more relaxing and enjoyable.  Read your child a story about the Itchy little monkeys on one of their adventures, help them put on their skin-saving Shruggi™ and tuck them in for the night, safe in the knowledge that their skin is protected from the damage of scratching which means a better night’s sleep for them and you!