The eczema-allergy story still isn’t fully understood, but nearly 40% of young children with moderate to severe eczema also have food allergies. The most common allergies are to eggs, nuts and dairy. Food allergies often make eczema symptoms worse in children.

Our daughter is one of those kids with severe food allergies, so we know how checking ingredients on food labels becomes a daily exercise and how vigilant we have to be as parents to ensure that our kids do not consume anything they are allergic to. We know how much of a worry it is when we are not with our kids and they are in someone else’s care – will they be as vigilant as we are when it comes to reading ingredients?

We also want to ensure that our kids don’t feel left out from having foods that other kids are enjoying, birthday parties being the typical occasion where this might happen.

So, check out our allergy-friendly recipes on our blog. They are so delicious, there is no way your child will feel like they are having the “alternative” option!